April 24, 2008

Stomach vs. brain

Posted in binge triggers tagged , at 11:33 pm by foodaddict

I was completely out of touch with my body’s hunger cues today. I stayed home today, working on a grad school project. A frustrating, anxiety-inducing project (which I did eventually finish), but at each little hurdle, each pitfall, my head was screaming to me, “Eat something! Eat something!”

And I gave in — every time I heard that voice. Definitely not eating out of hunger.

Something about being alone with myself, without distraction, triggers my addiction. I know there has to be a better way to manage anxiety (namely, exercise), but when I’m working toward a deadline, the temptation is just to focus on that project to the exclusion of all else. This is a learned behavior that is just not working for me any more. I need to somehow get out of my own head, and force myself to run around the block or go to the gym.

Good news is, I was able to stop around 9pm. I’m allowing myself 3 pieces of chocolate and tea at night (that was one tidbit I agreed with from Jane Brody’s NY Times article last year — allowing yourself a few hundred calories from foods that you do like). Somehow, that combination does manage to signal to me to me that snack time is over for the day.


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