April 1, 2008

Let the gut-spilling begin

Posted in Uncategorized tagged at 3:11 pm by foodaddict

So why start a food addiction blog? Aren’t there 245,032 other food addiction blogs out there? There certainly are thousands of diet sites, many “how to overcome your food addiction” sites, and any number of sites written by participants in Overeaters Anonymous. But, in my very cursory search, there are few that look at food addiction as a chronic disease. In my mind, it’s not something to be overcome — it’s something to be lived with, and something to be worked around in creative ways. It has been with me for decades, and it will be with me for the rest of my life, like a heart valve defect, or asthma, or faulty vision. In particular, the phrase “overcome your food addiction” tickles me. Sorry, but my food addiction is way too far down on the brainstem to be “overcome”. You might as well say “Overcome breathing” or “Overcome your heartbeat”.

With this blog, I want to look at where my food addiction came from, why it plagues me every day, what causes particularly nasty flare-ups, and how I can fool my brain into forgetting about it, all the while being a scientifically-minded atheist.


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